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"We're on our way
out of town
go hitching down
that highway ninety-nine"

--Gary Snyder "Night Highway 99"
from Mountains and Rivers Without End 1965

A fool steps into the frame, embodying the chaos from which everything emerges. He exists in 1969 on a street in Berkeley, masked in greasepaint to conceal his identity, an everyman of protest ready to fight or flee. He gives whatever the moment asks, or skips through it and finds another. In 1969 there were so many outward-bound travelers whose journeys started from within. Where did they all come from, these travelers and their journeys? All those post-World War II babies-millions all at once-by1960 had become a mass of young, global foolishness. The oldest were still in their teens, prodded by their eagerness to find every available edge. A critical mass of innocence and openness harnessed itself to new media and new wealth, perpetually triangulating its careless stroll from a selection of inner touch points. It was not everyone, it was not even most, but it was enough.